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What We’re All About

Film buffs are tired of being asked for their opinion when nobody really cares what they think. Rating a movie after it’s in the can is like asking someone what they want for supper when the pasta’s already boiling. It’s too late to rework that terrible ending or reshoot the tepid love scene. Love it or loathe it, the movie’s already been made.

But what if you got to have your say before it’s too late? In fact, what if you could vote on a movie when it’s still just a great concept looking for a camera?

This is Film Buggy, a democratic approach to filmmaking. Anyone who makes, finances or loves movies can help determine which projects move out of pre- production - and which just don’t have what it takes to make it to the big screen. With Film Buggy, you decide.

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How It Works

Coming soon, filmmakers will start posting ideas, concepts and projects right here on Film Buggy. You’ll get the chance to look them over and vote on whether you think they’ve got a winner. You can also leave comments to make a great concept even better. It’s a whole new approach to reviewing movie pitches, giving filmmakers and their financial backers real-world feedback on storylines, characters and plot development.

The Film Buggy community is for anyone who has an opinion about what makes a great picture. Without the lavish sets and period costumes, before the actors breathe life into the story, can you find the next Oscar winner?

Join Film Buggy and be a part of our innovative, creative, and opinionated community. And when we ask you to share your thoughts, we’ll actually be listening to your response.

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